November Favorites

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I can't believe that it is already December. For me 2015 had flown away super fast. Because of crazy schedule that our school had prepared for us so for me this month was literally test test test test and more tests!!!. And we have finals in two weeks!! (Yikes!) Anyway, I am so exciting to be writing this post! This is my first monthly favorite and I have some stuff that I really want to share with you guys:)

Himalaya Moisture Cream from Beyond
55ml/26000₩ (about $26)
As winter is approaching my skin has starting to get little dry, which was a huge surprise to me since I have a oily skin and I have never had problems with dry patches or anything dry involved. So the only product I had for dry problem was this sample of Himalaya Cream. So I just tried it on and it worked wonders for me. First my dry patches were gone and second it wasn't greasy / oily which was perfect for my skin. When I am done with this sample I am surely going to buy the actual product!!

Vichy Aqualiathermal Dynamic Hydration Boosting Essence Water
click here for in depth post by Yumi
This water is like the water from the magical land in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses for my skin. This is so moisturizing after I apply this I sometimes forget to wear my moisturizer because honestly there is no purpose. This waster does it all. And after using this I see the improvements in my skin.

Lip Bomb Glam Perfector from Faith in Face
I have been enjoying making my lips look really natural so I have been using this one tons!! I think the shade of this matches my original shade very much which is good for what I am intending.
I have written a full post about this product if you are interested go check it out!!

Trendy Nails RD303 from The Face Shop
7ml/2000₩ (about $2)
For autumn it is no surprise I fall in love to deep red color and this was the one for me. It is not that obvious color because not so much berry color but I think that is what makes this one feel more like color of red leaves. The one problem I have with this one is that it leaves a color when my nails get scratched so I need to put on a top coat, which I do not enjoy. (LazyGirlProblems)

Scream Queens
This show. It gets better and better every episode. Just seriously in love!!! My favorite character is Chanel no.1 (obvi) love her attitude love her outift. But when she apologized to Grace in the episode Mommy Dearest that felt more like Emma Roberts rather than Chanel. I can't believe this show is almost over.

American Horror Story
Last month I saw Coven (3rd season of AHS)and I just fall in love. I only watched this season because I needed more Emma Roberts in my life after seeing Scream Queens and I fall in love with this show. This month I saw Murder House and Asylum. I love the plot, characters and just about everything!! I cannot wait to see Freak Show and Hotel!

Girl Online
I know I am really late on this but FINALLY I have read the novel by Zoella, Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour. Thanks to lovely friend of mine who let me borrow this book. I love it so much. I loved the story line, I loved Penny and I loved the post on Girl Online as well. If you haven't read it I hope you give this a try. It feels like the mixture of The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet (due to the online stuff) and Anna and the French Kiss (romance)

Focus by Ariana grande
Love Me Like You by Little Mix
Kill 'em With Kindness by Selena Gomez

Hope you had a lovely month and tell me what you liked in the comment down below:)
And I hope you have the wonderful December.
xoxo, Yujung

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  1. Ohhh, I love Anna and the French Kiss! Haven't read Zoe's book yet, but I want to now!

  2. I'm glad it's not just me that feels like I blinked & 2015 is pretty much almost gone!! I am obsessed with Scream Queens, I thought it would be a little silly at first but I was so wrong, every episode really does get better! These are some lovely favourites you've mentioned and I love your choice of music :-)

    Xo Gemma


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