WakeMake RougegunS and Lip Balm

4:15 PM

I was given this lipstick ages ago, well not ages but it was last Christmas. But since the color was more spring/summer I have not had a chance to use it fully. The weather is becoming so much warmer so I put out this lipstick and also I decided to blog about it because this is the first ever product I am using from WakeMake. I've heard a lot of good words about this brand so I am very excited to give this a go.

Yes, I also have a lip balm as well. I do love both packaging very much. The lipstick itself has very classy packaging but one thing i don't really like is that it's really gorgeous until you touch it. Lip balm has more of matt kind of packaging. 

So this lipstick is in shade 04 Pink Shot. As you can see it's very bright purple-ish pink; I would personally call 'Barbie Pink.' On the box it said it gives you bright color with just one touch and this literally is so easy to wear. The color just comes right on your lips. I find this in between shiny and matt, which makes this very good for everyday makeup.

This is how the lip balm looks like. A bit smaller than the lipstick. This feels nice when you wear it but I think it kind of dries off faster than other products so I still prefer Vaseline one to this.

If you want to buy this you can visit here (Olive Young is store kind of like Sephora I guess; I don't exactly know because I've never been to sephora but you get the idea)

Love, Yumi

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  1. That lipstick is a really pretty shade. I have a Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel in a similar shade so i'd be interested in comparing the two!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. The Pink Shot is a great shade. I think it flatters all skin tones!


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