Christmas Nail Inspiration ♡ Christmas 2015

5:16 PM

Like Yuji posted a few days ago, it's that time of the year! Obviously I am super excited and I wanted my nails to get all festive as well. I searched for some of the Christmas nail art and I thought it would be amazing to share with you.
None of the picture is mine. I'll let you know where i got the picture from and also give you the link to the tutorial as well!

All three above are from this blog. She did all of those nail arts in one post so it's pretty convenient. 

Above two is from the same person. You can get the tree nail art tutorial from here and the santa one from here. I really love the twinkle light nail art. Probably my favorite from all of the nail art that I'm showing you here.

This one, I thought the tree was so cute and easy. You can easily follow this one from here. I really like the tree shape of this nail art, not full on triangle but with little empty lines, if you know what I mean.

The last one is so simple but festive! This tutorial here is the only English one that I'm showing you I do apologize for that because most of you probably don't know how to speak Korean. But hope you guys can create the look by following the steps with pictures :)

Love, Yumi

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  1. OMG ! so adorable!, my favourite are the N.1 and N. 2! so perfect!
    Xox PK

  2. aahh this is beautiful! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  3. So adorable, love the ones on top! :-)

    Have a lovely day and happy weekend!
    XO, Melissa's Diary

  4. Omg! Those nails are so pretty! :)
    my blog ->

  5. Loveeee all of these nails! I am going to get something beautiful and holiday inspired soon, just don't know what exactly! <a href="”></a>

  6. Loving all these nail ideas! I like the nude ones best!
    xoxo Annie


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