Monthly Recap Monday ♡ November 2015 - Itaewon, Turkish Delight, Line Friends, Go Set A Watchman, The Chorus and more!

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  I visited Itaewon twice this month. The first visit was to go to Leeum Museum. Itaewon is in Seoul and it took a little more than a hour from my place to go there. Leeum itself was amazing! I really enjoyed 2nd gallery.
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 I really did enjoy my food from Itaewon. The restaurant I went was My Chelsea, which is owned by a renowned celebrity, and the service and the taste was awesome. The waiter even brought us free sodas! I had a pasta with shrimps and Yujung had a pasta with meatballs. Both dishes was so tasty and we didn't plan to have big meal but we left that restaurant with happy face and full tummy.

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 We then visited this Turkish bakery, Kervan, because I've been wanting to have a bite of Turkish Delight for the longest time. I finally had one and they are my absolute favorite food at the moment. I really really like the green one, it's a shame there isn't a single Turkish bakery near my house.

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 We also had a ice cream from the shop called Swit:B, which is not technically in Itaewon but in Kyungridan Gil which is right next to Itaewon. The ice cream they have has the most brilliant design ever. Me and Yuji both had a bunny shaped one and it was delish.
 The first visit was so exhausting and we didn't enjoy it that much, in fact I kind of decided that I hated that place so when I found out that I have to go there again, it was kind of sad.

 The reason I re-visited Itaewon was to visit the Copion (NGO) office and we were kind of in a tight schedule so I didn't have a lot of time to spend nor did want to spend much time there. I did two things on my second visit. First was to go to Kervan again. I bought bigger size of Turkish Delight. There was a turkish man in the bakery, he told me that what I was buying was Lokum. I don't really know the difference between Turkish Delight and Lokum so if you know please let me know!! Anyway, again I really loved that place.

 The other place I went was Line Friends store. I am not really that into Line Friends characters but I really do think they are cute. Even though I didn't buy anything, just visiting there was such a fun because even the store is so adorable.

 This month I read <All The Lights We Cannot See> by Anthony Doerr, and I am obsessed with it!! Yuji recommended this to me actually and I am so glad I read it. The story was so interesting and touching. The story takes time at World War 2 with a french girl and a german boy. Not a romance story but it contains lots of love! I felt like as if I were Marie-Laure and were staying at Saint-Malo for the entire time reading this book.

 I also read <Go Set A Watchman> by  Harper Lee. It was brilliant. It would have been better if I remember <To Kill A Mocking Bird> a bit better so that I can compare those two, but just <Go Set A Watchman> itself was amazing. Yuji said she was not ready to see Atticus being segregative, but hopefully she would understand after reading the conversation between Jean Louise and Jack.

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 The last book I want to share with you is <I am Malala>. I was so moved by this book. I've heard of Malala Yousafzai before, obviously because she was the youngest person to win the Novel Medal. But through this book I got to know why she won and how brave she is. I don't believe in God, but reading her belief about God was special. Her story is absolutely amazing so I definitely recommend you read it.

 I was totally into the movie called <The Chorus/Les Choristes> like 5 years ago and one weekend of November, I realized how much I loved that movie, so I had to watch it again! As always, the music was so beautiful, the boys were so angel-like, and I realized how much I've grown. I mean, all I cared 5 years ago was Morhange but now I see the teachers, other boys like Le Querrec, who stoled the money.
 The soundtrack of the movie was my song of the month as well. The one that I really listened to a lot was Caress Sur L'ocean. Obviously I don't know what this song is about because I don't speak french but melody and the voice of boys are enough to attract me!

 Another movie I watched and fell in love is <Hugo>. It is set in 1930 Paris, with a young orphan boy, Hugo, automan, the toy shop owner Georges Melies and Isabelle. I want to describe this movie with just 6 words; adventure, watches, machines, purposes, books and movies. I loved the female character, Isabelle portrayed by Chole Moretz, who connected all the dots. And in every story lines I love to see how the dots connect to one another in this case it was quiet 'artificially' connected by Isabelle but it didn't seem artificial at all but rather natural.

So I kind of had a theme this month which is France, I totally did not plan that to happen, but with <All The Lights We Cannot See> and the two movies I loved, I just have to say that was my theme. And this all happened on the first and second week of November, so when terrorists attacked Paris, I was in such a shock. I really do pray for world peace thee days.

 For me, the month of November flew away so quickly. I'm both kind of glad and sad that it's over and December is finally near. Hope all of you had awesome November.

Love, Yumi

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