Top 5 Tuesday ♡ Halloween Costumes from Movie/TV

8:09 PM

Yumi's List

5. Pumpkin baby from Full House

I think this costume is super cute for little kids. I obviously wouldn't wear this but this was too cute not to include it on this list.

4. Creepy Bride from Mean Girls

Whenever I think of Mean Girls I just think of this scene and costume Lindsey Lohan wore. This costume is all about the scary halloween and I just think this would totally stand out especially if your friends like to dress up like the Plastics did. 

3. Sexy Mermaid from Beverly Hills, 90210

Dona Martin from this show is the fashionista. She always wears awesome outfits, even though sometimes it is hard to stay in them. This was one of those moments but I just love mermaids so I really really adore this costume.

2. Daisy Buchanan from Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars always has the best halloween specials and they have such awesome costumes you can get inspired. But this is the one that I was most impressed with. I always loved the 20s style and I think they did such an amazing job on this costume with all the jewelry and hair.

1. Siamese Twin Cat from A Cinderella Story

I remember the evil twins hating the costume BUT what can I say. That's the most hilarious costume I've ever seen.

Yujung's List

5. Stuffed Olive from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

If you have seen this movie you would know it is hard to go though some places with this outfit on. So if I were to be in this outfit I would definately consider my olive's size. This maybe wierd costume but if you are like me and you don't mind being wierd this would be perfect for you!!

4. Andie and Ben from Scream Queens

First I am obsessed with this show!! And Chaneloween was amazing:)) And of course I had to pick something from that show. And my choice is Andie and Ben. I love love love How to Lost a Guy in 10 Days. It's a movie that brightens up my day!!

3. Sexy Mother Teresa from Modern Family

2. Sexy Nurse from Modern Family / The Vampire Diaries / Glee

I mean this is a famous costume for halloween and they all look so amazing in this outfit. I know Santana didn't wore it on halloween but who cares? Not I.

1. Bunny from Legally Blonde

Again, I know this is not a halloween costume in the movie but I know I would love to be a cute and sexy pink bunny for a halloween!!

Happy Halloween Guys!! Yumi&Yuji

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  1. Ah some of these tv shows are a bit new to me but the Lindsey Lohan halloween costume in Mean Girls was priceless!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin' // instagram

  2. Great list, I just love Arias costume! It's so stylish and cool. Hugs from Sweden.


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