Magnolia Korea

11:28 PM

Recently, I heard THE exciting news. Magnolia bakery opened a new store in the near mall from my house! Although I have never been to the place in New York City, I heard how good they were, especially their Red Velvet. And I am in love with Red Velvet, and it’s not easy to find a good cup cake store in Korea; they aren’t as sweet as I hope they would be. So I had to go there. 

Their interior was so cute. 

I had to wait in line for whole 90 minutes! But, it was worth it. Cupcakes weren't that moist but the taste and sweetness was 10/10! I bought Red Velvet cupcakes, Vanilla cupcakes and banana puddings, and they were all awesome. It was also my first time to try out carrot cupcakes and I totally fell in love with them. 

Love, Yumi

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  1. Oh wow that's exciting! I've only been to the one in NYC, but I agree that their cupcakes are not that moist. I love the icing though and their cookies :)

    1. i never had their cookies. but i would definitely go back there go get some!

  2. I really really want to have a bite of those cupcakes. Looks super yummy -xx, Lizzie


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