My Beauty Diary Milk & Grain Moisturizing Facial Wash Off Mask Cream

4:05 PM

It's becoming more dry everyday now that it's autumn. I don't like to put much products in my face but I definitely feel like I need to hydrate my skin these days. The product that I have been using is Milk & Grain Moisturizing Facial Wash Off Mask Cream from My Beauty Diary. Masks by this brand is well known to be suitable for Asian skin.

The left one is the Milk & Grain Moisturizing Mask
The right one is Honey Heating Mask, which we will write about soon!

One of my best friend gave this to me as my birthday present, which is in July. I did use this once or twice in summer, but to be honest, I never did enjoy it much. But as I've said before, now that the air is more dry and my skin is yelling for moisture, I really do like it.

The first impression the products give me is always the smell. This products has very spicy fragrance. Also, it isn't harsh at all. I don't get the stingy touch that I sometimes get. It is very easily applied.

After I wash it off, I feel like my skin is glowing. And it is the lightness of this facial mask that I love the most. My skin doesn't feel heavy at all, but it still feels moisturized. I really do recommend this product especially if you are looking for the moisturizing facial mask that is very soft and light.

Love, Yumi

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  1. Wow these products look so great! Thanks for sharing :)

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  2. This sounds great ♥♥

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    1. thank you so much! We really appreciate all your nice comments

  4. wao thanks ... i was searching for such moisturising mask because my skin is so much rough these days..
    nice post... <3
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  5. it's look like good product maybe i'll try thank you for sharing


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